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  • Independently rated #1 for six years running!
  • Highest Quality - Only Amazing Clubs guarantees award-winning beers every single month!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • FREE SHIPPING every month!
  • Personalized gift announcement!
  • Beer Lover's Newsletter with every shipment!
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The Beer of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs is the most popular beer club in the world! In fact, we're almost twice as large as our nearest competitor. Why have so many people chosen us over the others?

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Quality:For more than a decade we've been delivering some of the highest-quality microbrews in the world to our members. And while other beer clubs might promise award-winning beers, only we guarantee it every month! Each month we'll deliver 12 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, specialty microbrews from highly-rated, regional breweries across the country. Each shipment includes four different varieties of premium, hand-crafted beer carefully selected by our experts and brewed in limited quantities. Our members can choose from 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Beer of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

Price: It's pretty simple, really. We're the largest beer club in the world - and our size allows us to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality beers. Other beer clubs may advertise lower prices but once you include their shipping charges, we always have the best prices (sometimes by a lot). In fact, when ordering a 12-month beer club, you'll save almost 20% compared to our largest competitor. Plus you'll receive our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and experience our award-winning customer service.

Exceptional Quality Makes an Exceptional Gift

At Amazing Clubs we've served over 1 Million happy customers with a better than 99% satisfaction rate. Our customers order again and again because they trust us to deliver some of the most exclusive and highest quality microbrewed beers of any monthly beer club. That means limited-production, specialty microbrews made with only premium hops by independent, award-winning breweries nationwide. And we never feature any brewery that has national distribution so you'll never find any of these unique beers in your local stores - they're only available as exclusive selections of the Beer of the Month Club.

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Customer Reviews

Best Beer of the Month Club
  • Benjamin K.
  • Boulder, CO

I joined this beer club after being a customer of the Craft Beer Club when my friend suggested I switch. In my opinion, this club is a much better value. The beers are more interesting, of higher quality, and from a much more diverse geographic area. The packaging and presentation are also much nicer which matters when you're sending a gift. I've received 7 shipments so far and I plan on continuing my membership indefinitely. I'm glad I switched.

  • SJCornelli
  • Euless, TX

I really enjoyed receiving the Beer of the Month club as a gift. I looked forward to it's arrival each month. This was a great gift.

Love the Beer of the Month
  • tess
  • Clifton, IL

My son really enjoys the Beer of the Month club. There is always an interesting variety of beers that are not available in the nearby stores. Opening and unpacking the box is always an adventure to see what unique and far away breweries are being featured this month. He's really a fan of the pilsner and stout beers, especially the chocolate and coffee stout beers that were included months back. His only complaint thus far was that one shipment had an apple flavored beer included - perhaps it was a cider. He thinks you should just stick to beers as he is not a fan of those. He tries to save a few of the beers each month to impress his friends who are also connoisseurs, but often times he cannot resist temptation and ends up drinking them before getting a chance to share. First World Problems he says. Please keep up the good work and excellent product! My son says the world would be a better place if everyone had a Beer of the Month box at home waiting for them. Best regards! Therese M. Simoneau

beer of the month
  • gail
  • bowling green, OH

This was the second time we had ordered Christmas gifts for our bosses who are doctors. Since it is difficult to buy a gift for somebody that has the financial means to get pretty much whatever they want, a gift of the month was a great idea. They enjoyed the beer very much this year. We ordered wine our first year and the doctors and their wives both enjoyed the wine very much. We are going with the Variety Club this year so they can sample a few more of the products. We as staff love the gift of the month clubs. It makes it super easy to purchase a gift and it's fun when they can get the gift throughout the entire year. When the beer arrived at the office we would write "Merry Christmas" on the box, It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long. We as staff will definitely keep on ordering from Amazing Clubs !!!

Beer of the Month Club
  • Tattoo
  • Burlington, VT

I was the recipient of a Beer of the Month Club gift from my wife. Being an avid fan of craft brewing I was ecstatic. Every month I would receive notifications of pending shipments, and a great batch of fine beers including a fact sheet that gave great information on the potables that were being sent. I would receive a great selection of brews that myself and friends enjoyed greatly. I would recommend this as a gift to anyone, and look forward to my next batch!